Dental diseases or problem starts when the oral environment is not healthy.


Types of Diseases

common diseases

Dental diseases are a common thing among people of all ages and typically affect the teeth. These are diseases that will affect the way one lives because they can cause difficulty with eating or chewing, speaking, and self-confidence. In this post, we will explore the types of dental diseases that can happen to someone. Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses that get into cracks in teeth from food. This type of disease is most common among young children because their teeth are still developing and don’t have a protective covering on them yet. Most infections come from bacteria that get into the gums and create pus when it enters the mouth. This type of disease is painful and can be very serious if not treated.

commonly affects

Dry Mouth is a disease that most commonly affects older adults and it can cause bad breath and decaying teeth. Dry mouth is caused by changes to the saliva glands in the mouth that create less saliva than normal.


Injury to the tooth is the most common cause of dental disease. The tooth is made of hard and soft parts, and if one of the teeth gets damaged, it can break in half. This causes infection and further damage to the tooth.

kill bacteria

This can cause teeth to decay faster because saliva contains water and enzymes that kill bacteria, so it keeps the mouth healthy and clean. This type of disease also affects children more than adults because they have weak teeth that are still developing.


The bacteria that cause cavities feed on sugar, and if there is a lot of sugar available in the mouth, then they will grow and make more bacteria. These bacteria can eat away at the tooth until it has no layer of enamel to protect it.

Types of Dental Diseases

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main cause

These are the main cause of dental disease in adults. This is a slow process, and it takes years for cavities to develop in someone.

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health problems

Bruxism is caused by stress and is just like teeth grinding, but it only affects the teeth. Sometimes bruxism can be caused by a medical condition or oral health problems.

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Gum disease is common among adults, and it starts when bacteria in the mouth begin to eat away at the tissue in the mouth.

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This disease can cause damage to the tooth if it is not treated because the teeth will hit each other until they break or wear down over time. It is best to consult your dentist because they will know what to do and how to treat the disease and restore your teeth so that you no longer have pain or discomfort.

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This causes inflammation that can develop into abscesses. It looks like a boil, and it can cause a person to feel bad when they brush their teeth or eat because it hurts to bite down on it.

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As you can see, there are many different types of dental diseases and they can affect anyone. If you have this condition, there is no need to be embarrassed because it can affect anyone.

It also causes pain to some people that don’t even grind their teeth.